The 2017 Call for Speakers is now open!

We’re actively soliciting speakers to deliver world-class presentations at the event on November 8.

Suggested, but not exclusive, topics include:
1. Open source business strategy – How can open source be used for strategic advantage, risk minimization, etc.

2. Open source processes – Innersourcing, licensing, governance, collaboration, contributing/consuming/utilizing code, etc.

3. Open source tools – The technologies enabling successful open source implementation

4. Open source culture – Topics around transparency, collaboration, and autonomy to contribute. The cultural aspect of open source engagement and how to further corporate goals while playing by community rules

5. Case study/demo/success stories – Successful examples of open source implementation and best practices

6. Executive – Why modern enterprises should consider engaging in open source communities

7. Technical – Challenges and best practices to effectively embrace the open source development model

8. Legal – Identifying and solving the legal compliance issues around open source supply chain and contribution