This Filming Policy applies to all press, photography, videography, and other recording crews (collectively, “Press Representatives”) admitted to the Open Source Strategy Forum (“OSSF”) event produced by the Symphony Software Foundation (“Foundation”) on Nov. 8, 2017. The official OSSF photographers and camera crews are exempt from these terms.


Permission to film onsite at OSSF must be authorized prior to the event by conference management or the Foundation marketing staff.

Filming and photography must not interfere with OSSF programming or with normal visitor traffic. The Foundation reserves the right to grant or deny permission to film and to determine the terms under which filming will be permitted.

The Foundation reserves the right to reject requests that it determines, in its sole discretion, are incompatible with OSSF’s purpose, would interfere with visitors’ experience, or would place an undue burden on OSSF property or staff.


Filming of OSSF exhibition tables is permitted only with the express permission of the table’s host.

Filming is not permitted anywhere in the aisles of the OSSF exhibition floor.

Equipment and storage

Press Representatives take full responsibility for all of their equipment. Foundation shall not be liable for damage to or theft of equipment.

The Foundation will not provide secure storage onsite for Press Representatives’ equipment.

Damage to host location

Press Representatives are fully responsible for all damages to the BNY Mellon Conference Center occurring as a result of its recording activities, and for paying for all repairs deemed necessary.

Use of images and footage

Press Representatives are authorized to use film and photographs shot at OSSF in print media, on a website, or in other promotional materials.


Recorded interviews with OSSF representatives or speakers may take place at exhibition table or in hospitality areas only with the express permission of the interviewee and the table host.


The Foundation reserves the right to terminate production in the event that Press Representatives fail to abide by the conditions set forth herein. Press Representatives found violating these guidelines may, in Foundation’s sole discretion, be asked to leave the event.